Harrow Road Total Garage Redevelopment
The former Total Garage at the junction of Wakeman Road & Harrow Road has been demolished, and a new block called "Rhapsody" has been built.
KTRA and local people had a say in the planning of the new development. More Information HERE


Thank you_Dec15

E. M. Landers Successfully Listed
KTRA Successfully campaigned to get E. M. Lander Monumental Masons listed.
It was originally ear marked for a new development. More information HERE

Wakeman Road Project
The end of Wakeman Road has been Narrowed and reshaped after a successful campaign by KTRA
Led by Dave Hallbery - For More information see the Page here

Wakeman & Pember Road - End Remodelling
The ends of Pember and Wakeman Road are being remodelled using section 106 money that KTRA successfully campaigned for.
It is currently in progress and should be finished in April 2009.

Street cleaning after the carnival
Brent street-care did a steam clean the area around the carnival, after we raised the issue with them. The main litter clean up overnight will continue as it always does, but streetcare are cleaning the section of Harrow Road, and the side streets off of it which are most affected by the heavy traffic & mess left behind after the carnival has finished.

Wakeman Road Project
Brent Council have agreed to alter the junction of Wakeman Road/Harrow Road to discourage articulated lorries from entering the Triangle. There will be a full consultation with local residents about the proposed plans. For Further Details see the Wakeman Road page.

Toilets for Carnival 08
Brent Council agreed to provide 9 toilets during the carnival. The Toilets were placed at 3 locations on the edge of Harrow Road, which gets a large amount of foot traffic to and from the station on both the carnival days.

Speed Camera Harrow Road
After a Long Campaign, TFL have agreed for a speed camera for Harrow Road. They have in fact agreed for 2, 1 on each carriageway. However the Installation of the Westbound camera is still under some political debate. We will be following this closely.
The Eastbound Camera is now installed.

Graffiti Removal
We are always looking to get this cleared up as quickly as possible, and have had several large amounts of Graffiti removed from within the Triangle

Carnival Planing 2007
The Police posted several Motorcycle patrol officers along the cemetery wall during the evening of both days of the carnival. This was in response to local concerns that the cemetery is currently unsecured whilst the wall is down and could be a danger to carnival goers, especially if any more of the wall came down!

We have liaised with Dennis Lewis at Brent Streetcare and sought to improve the local street cleaning. These have improved a great deal in the last 12 months, and we now have a new cleaning contractor and "Dual Collections" so household refuse & recycling are now collected on the same day.

Various members of the association have attended many planning meetings over the last 12 months. This is something we need to keep a close eye on, and will continue to do so
There is a lot of building going on within the area, and left unchecked we will end up with huge ugly buildings and no character for what is after all a conservation area.