Total Garage - Harrow Road - Redevelopment
KTRA worked with the developers after the initial Plan for the Building was rejected

The developer was very interested in seeking the views of the local people & KTRA
We are very pleased the new building is both modern and also blends into the existing architecture
As you can see the building is coming along very well, although it's not quite finished yet. This is how it looks in mid February 2015


The new Plans are below - As they are quite large drawing’s, so you may need to scroll across if on a smaller screen
There is more information below the plans

862-PL-204 S&W Elevs

862-PL-205 N&E Elevs

Total Garage Site Development Application 904 Harrow Road, London NW10 5BH
As you are probably aware, the application to redevelop the petrol Station site at the corner of Harrow Road and Wakeman Road has been resubmitted to Brent Council Plannning department by the developers.
This has now been approved
I’m also sure you are aware that there were significant objections from residents to the original proposals in August of last year on various grounds, and the developers voluntarily withdrew the application.
Subsequently, the Kensal Triangle Residents Association approached the developers, to determine their future plans for the site. We met Stuart Blakely, their representative, who was keen to discuss the proposal with us, and was grateful for our extensive input.
We elaborated on our concerns with the original designs, and Stuart took on board the objections. He was keen to learn from us what measures they could adopt to make the development more acceptable to the surrounding residents.
Our original objections were on the following grounds, and these are the results of our discussions:

          Overall, there were many other issues discussed: The time for the construction, minimising disruption during construction, does the land need to be decontaminated, etc. We are convinced that all our issues have been taken into consideration.
          We believe that the project, when complete, will be an asset to the community, constructed with materials and a design that is both modern and sympathetic to its surroundings, and will become an important landmark the Kensal Triangle can be proud of.