Their have been significant steps already taken to improve the safety of the local area
There are a number of local issues already underway. See below for information on what's happening and how you can get involved


We are receive great support from the Queens Park Safer Neighborhoods Team, led by Sgt. Mick Pilkington. They have been working hard to reduce crime and improve the awareness of the local residents to problems as they arise. This has already significantly reduced local crime in the past 12 months
See the Safer neighborhoods Website

We now also have:
• A dedicated Community Support Officer
• A late night police foot patrol for the area.
• Regular Police patrols of the area

Speed Camera Success!
TFL & Brent council have agreed to install a camera on the East bound carriageway.
After a 6 year long campaign, which pre-dates the residents association by 5 years! TFL & Brent council have agreed to install a camera on the East bound caraigeway.
TFL Promise us that it is on the install schedule. We will post a date here as soon as we know more.
The Residents Association is still in discussion with the Police, TFL,and RBKC to find a solution to the other side of the road. It has also been approved for a camera by TFL, but there are some political hurdles to be overcome before this can happen.

Rat Run
When traffic is heavy on the Harrow Road cars are using the Triangle as a short cut from Rainham/Wakeman down to Wellington Road. Cars are even driving the wrong way up Berens Road and Regents Street which are one-way streets
This is also one of the only local "residential" area's that does not yet have a 20 mph speed restriction. We are looking to address this
A comprehensive report has been put together by Dave Hallbery and taken to Brent council to address these issues.

Most crime in the area stems not from Kensal Green but from Queens Park. We will update residents on the statistics at the Residents Association meetings. The Police are very supportive of the residents association know what is going on and are actively focused on dealing with problems in the area. If you have anything you wish to discuss please contact Sgt. Mick Pilkington
0208 7212 960 or 07920 233761 or see the Safer neighborhoods Website
Remember in an emergency dial 999 and ask for Police

Also, check Queens Park Ward Panel This is website setup by a representative panel of Queens Park Ward residents (That includes us) that collaborate with the Safer Neighborhoods team

Pedestrian Crossing
This I now actively underway. Please see the Ladbroke Crossing and the News Pages

Faulty Street Lights
It has recently taken a long time for Brent Council to respond to residents requests to repair faulty street lights on Wellington Road. Should you have problems in your street, the best approach is to submit this via the online form or call 020 8937 5050 and The council has an emergency policy of emergency repairs within 2 hours and non-emergency within 2 days. Raise any issues with the residents association to follow-up

Sounds like a long time away, but in reality it is very close!
Their have been a lot of concerns raised over the scale of the carnival "spilling" up Harrow Road, and also the lack of toilet facilities, as Kensal Green station seems to form a major route into & out of the carnival
Almost all the residents we have spoken to support the carnival but there are a lot of genuine concerns about how it is organized & policed
We are working with Brent Council & The Safer Neighborhoods Team to help provide local knowledge so the carnival is a success