Pember + Wakeman Remodelling

The remodeling of the ends of Pember & Wakeman Roads @ Kilburn/Chamerlayne Road are going ahead as planned.


Wakeman Road Project gets go ahead!

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Queens Park Day RAFFLE

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Carnival Toilets a Huge Success

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Post Carival Clean up

Signs have started going up in some of the side roads off of the Harrow Road.
These are to be steam cleaned after the carnival, this was after KTRA raised the issue with Brent.
The parking will be suspended for a period of time whilst the cleaning is taking place. PLEASE refer to the signs in the street if you are parking.

Thames water *UPDATE*

There have been many local problems with lack of pressure and several water bursts in the triangle recently. Thames water have identified a problem in Berens Road.
This was after the most recent burst, and KTRA member Dave Hallbury highlighting the serious lack of water pressure in the area, even once the burst was repaired. This initiated a huge response from our members, and it would appear this is affecting a large part of the triangle.
The works will be carried out this week on Tues 19th, and will hopefully mean an end to the water pressure issues many have suffered.

Notting Hill Carnival 24 & 25th August

The Annual Notting Hill Carnival Takes place on the August Bank Holiday Sunday & Monday
For more information on the carnival see the Carnival Page


As of August 2008 (Now!) Brent is implementing compulsory recycling for all households.

Dennis Lewis from brent street care is attending the next meeting on 1st September to answer questions about the new system.

There is a pdf leaflet for download from Brent here

Wakeman Road *UPDATE*

We have just received great news from Brent Council

Cllr Simon Green set up a meeting on the 10th July with representatives from Brent Council and KTRA to discus the Wakeman Road project.
This included the complete refurbishment of the flower bed area at the Chamerlayne Road end of Wakeman Road, and at the end of Pember road where the notice-board is going.

This is the reply we got back today from Chris Barrons, the principal landcsape desighner for Brent council:
I have now discussed sources of funding with colleagues and can confirm that both sites can be refurbished in this financial year.  It is my intention to programme the works for completion by end of December 08 

This is great news, it will make such an improvement to the whole area.
Hopefully we will hear back soon about the other end of Wakeman Road soon.

We will keep you posted 


CCTV/Bus Lane Camera's On Hold

CCTV/Bus Lane Camera's On Hold


Cemetery Update

We were updated at the July meeting by Tony Barnard

Please see the
Cemetery Page for full details


July Meeting - Monday 7th - Willaim 4th

Guests July 2008

Wakeman Road Project

The Wakeman Road Traffic Project - Details

Queens Park Day - 14 September 2008

We are hosting a stall this year at the Queens Park Day Read More...

Next Meeting - Monday 2nd June

June Meeting Guests

Kilburn Library Garden Project *Open Day* SATURDAY 17th May

Kilburn Library Garden Open Day

Speed Camera Installed

Speed Camera Installed on Harrow Road Eastbound Carraigeway

Police Station "Review" Meeting

An Update from Sgt. Pilkington on the plans for a review of Police Buildings in Brent & Across London. Read More...

** Harrow Road Speed Camera ** Instalation Begins

Installation of the Eastbound Speed Camera on Harrow Road Began Today.


Canal Tidy Up

The Canal Area around Sainsbury's has had the flowers Beds Tidied Read More...

Graffitti Success!

The Kensal Triangle has finally had a Graffiti Sweep as promised Read More...

Carnival Organisers to Attend KTRA Meeting *Monday 7th April*

Carnival Organizers to Attend KTRA Meeting on 7th April Read More...

Kilburn Library Garden Project to Recieve Funding

The Kilburn Library Garden Project is being set up to turn a disused piece of land behind the library into a garden for library users.

Olympic Torch

The Olympic Torch Passed Through Harrow Road on Sunday Morning

Sunday Morning saw the torch procession bus pass down Harrow Road on route to Ladbroke Grove and then eventually on to Greenwich

This section of the procession passed off very peacefully, unlike the remainder of the journey!

Wood & Vale - Ladbroke Crossing Press

Wood & Vale Press 6th March

Ladbroke Crossing Petition Handed Over

Ladbroke Crossing Petition Hand Over

Met. Police "Focus Day" in Kensal Triangle

Police hold a “Focus Day” in the Kensal Triangle On Thursday 6th March, all the officers from the police Safer Neighbourhoods Team will be on duty solely within the triangle area. There will be coverage from 11am through until 10pm. Read More...

Anyone for Tennis?

Queens Park FREE Tennis Lesson, 8th March

Ladbroke Crossing Petition

** Ladbroke Grove Crossing - Local Peteion - GET INVOLVED!! **

We need as much info as possible to help the current survey being carried out at the junction by Westminster Council

Constitution Information for Formalizing The Residents Association

The subject of formalizing the Kensal Triangle Residents Association was discussed at the February meeting again. Read More...

Bayford Road, Tree Planting

After a large petition of all the residents on Bayford Road in September, Brent have agreed to plant tree's on the road in the next winter planting season 2008/9


Ladbroke Grove Junction

As anyone who uses this junction knows it badly needs a pedestrian crossing.

You can help us by emailing us anything you think may help. Please read on to find out more Read More...

Brent Police Bulidings

This is from Sgt.Pilikington. He would like local feedback on the plans to restructure the police buildings within Brent.

There have been a number of rumours circulating about the closure of some police stations within Brent.
A review of all Metropolitan Police property has been conducted across London and an ‘Asset Management Plan’ produced for each borough.

Mid January update

After our extremely successful January meeting, we have a lot of local issues which we are moving forward.

Triangle Graffiti Audit

Simon Egbor, Sgt.Pilkington, and David Rajan are carrying out a complete Graffiti Audit of the triangle on the 18th January.

This is in response to the growing problem we have seen in recent months within the area.

Graffiti has been made a priority by the safer neighbourhoods team.

Thanks to our January guests

We would like to thank all our guests for attending our January meeting and giving their own time to come and meet with us.

Councillor's Emily Tancred & Will Motley. Simon Egbor from the Brent Anti Social Behavior office (to talk about Graffiti). Ed Foredham, Liberal Democrat Parliamentary candidate for our new constituency Hampstead & Kilburn, and our surprise guest Paul Lorber, who is the leader of Brent Council. And not forgetting of course Sgt. Pilkington from the safer neighborhoods team.

Thanks to all who attended the meeting, there will certainly be much to discuss at the next meeting!

** Local Councillors to attend Meeting Tuesday 8th JAN **

We are being joined at our meeting on Tuesday 8th by Ed fordham, Emily Tancred & Will Motley


Kilburn Library Garden Project

Kilburn Library are trying to create a garden and are asking for local help

If you are interested in helping, please contact Linda.george@brent.gov.uk or send your information with contact details to Linda George, Kilburn Library, 42 Salusbury Road, NW6 6NN
You can also call the library on 020 8937 3530/1 for further information

Recent Graffiti increase

Please be on the lookout for Graffiti within the triangle, and whenever possible report it asap using this link.

We seem to be having a recent spate of grafiti in this area, and Sgt.Pilkington from the safer neighbourhoods team has said this is being made a top priority.

Brent Council & the British Transport Police have a Graffiti database, and are working with local schools to catch the offenders. Any help with this will make the area a better place for us all.



Some residents have reported a youth calling on them asking for sponsorship for charity. It is suspected that this may be bogus. Please do not donate any cash to anyone calling at your door and report any such callers to the Safer Neighbourhood Team or call:0208 7212 960 or 07920 233761 The youth in question has been described as male, Asian appearance, aged about 15-16 wearing a black hoodie.