The Triangle suffers from fly-tipping, litter and graffiti.
We are working with Brent and Kensington & Chelsea Councils to ensure we maximize the use of their services to keep the area clean
We also aim to educate residents to keep their own area's free of rubbish.

Rubbish & Fly tipping
The most important thing is to report any dumping or fly tipping to Brent Streetcare as soon as possible.
If you see any dumped rubbish in the triangle contact:
* Brent: Email Streetcare cc'ing dennis.lewis or call 0208 9375050.
* Kensington & Chelsea: Email or call 0207 3613001
There is a lot of dumping at the corners of streets. Esp. Wakeman/Rainham, Top of Compton, Halstow and the bottom of Berens. We are working with Dennis Lewis the local officer for our area. Dennis requests we call in and email the above link and cc' him to make him aware. Any persistent issues let Dennis know directly and he will attend to

From Ladbroke Grove to All-Souls: The street wardens (from RBKC) are stretched on the section from Ladbroke Grove to the bus stop on Harrow Road. However, they are supporting us in the removal of dumped black bags etc outside some of the blocks of flats. If you see any dumped rubbish just call 0207 3613001 and they will get on to it that day (email illicit's a slower response)

The simplest & quickest way to clear litter is to pick it up. We ask all residents to focus on picking up litter outside of their own houses and on their own street. If we all do this it will make a enormous impact. If each of us picks up something each day and drops it in one of the grey wheelie bins, we'll make an immedaite impact. Obviously, not dropping any will also help :)

Success! All Souls Bus Stop: We have arranged to have a second bin put into the bus stop at All-Souls

Report graffiti by using the contact details above or using the online form and they will remove it. If nothing happens (they have a backlog and clear up time can be up to 6 weeks). Be persistent and they will do it. Also, keep and informed as they can add weight and support you

In the Triangle: We've had several sign-posts, walls and houses cleaned in recent months. If you spot any graffiti please report it.

There is now a Grafiti Tag Database being used to track repeat offenders. Please Submit any Photographic evidence to the Safer Neighbourhoods Team or to brent council using the online form

Dog Fouling
This seems to be a problem in some parts of the area. It should be picked up by the owner or dog walker. If you are aware of who is not doing this contact