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The residents association is run by & for the local residents of the Kensal Triangle. We have a rotating chair for the meetings.

If a new area needing attention comes to our attention, we ask that someone take responsibility for taking some action, or making a plan of action. This helps us split the workload, as it is simply not possible for the association to do everything on everybody's behalf.

We all endeavor to help each other to achieve whatever we have set out to do, and we try where possible to pool our knowledge for the greater good.

This makes it possible for us to tackle several things at once. We all do this in our spare time, so If it was left just to "the association" it inevitably falls on 1 or 2 people to do the work, which in reality is just not workable for any length of time.

If you have any local issues and you would like to get involved, please come to a meeting and we can all help each other to improve the area for us all.

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